Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great weekend

Last weekend, i should call a great weekend. Why? Huhhh.. let's me tell you about it.

Actually, it's supposed to be my lonely weekend because my hubby got plan to play golf with friends. But there was a misunderstanding and they were not booking any game that Sunday. Meaning, there is no t-off on that day.
Hahaa.. im soo happy about it.

For the depression, my dearest husband just practice him swing at club at my house.
But im very happy.
Practice swing just need about 1 hour and if he played golf, need about half day.. or maybe more.

So, that morning.. i mean a Sunday morning, we went to the club at our home. Im just waiting, looking and comment about him swing. A bit talk and play with da kids. Haaha..
So, last weekend is my weekend. So happy !!!

Beside talk about golf, im now really falling in love with this fruit.
Strawberry !!
Im dying with this sweet strawberries.

If i go any supermarket and saw a promotion strawberries, well.. if i think it's sweet enough, i must buy it.

Tq & see you next time!!

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