Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Short trip to Singapore

My lovely hubby got seminar at Singapore and i wish to follow him. Well, actually this is my third time i wish to follow him and before this he's not keep da promise. This time, he must take me and bring me together.. because im dying to be there. Hehe.

We'r plan going there on 29 March - 1 April and da seminar is on 30 & 31 March. So, im just alone hanging with Aqiela and Aakif.

But some plan was change. I think, iv better bring Nabila along. She's on semester gap and got nothing to do.
With one condition, she must stayed at other hotel. Well, it's just opposite our hotel. Marriot and Royal Plaza just about 50 meters. Not quiet far.

And still got one problem.
As a mother instinct, im very... very... and very worried leaving her alone there.
After think and think... at last, i remembered!! Actually iv got a walkie talkie which iv bought during i was at Italy. Im really hope i can contact her with this from my hotel to her hotel. And i hope da distance and location is not a problem.
Yeah, sometime it's cannot reach if there's too far and da location is too crowded.

Alhamdulillah, there's no problem arrived. I can talk clearly from my room at Royal Plaza to Nabila's room at Marriot.

Lastly we're arrived at my hotel, Royal Plaza. Nabila and Aqiela with tired pose. After almost 5 hours in da car!!

This is our first journey to Sentosa Island after leaving my lovely darling at seminar at Hyatt Hotel. Da hotel's staff propose us to take a bus, because it goes straight to Sentosa Island but i think iv better take a train.
It's more exiting and challenging.

So far iv seen Singapore is a very clean city. It's so hard to find any rubbish around. Hehe. But i don't think it's to friendly with da children. Because there's always a stairs on my way going to MRT, and i have to carry da stroller with my chubby Aakif on it. Even da hotel also!! It's soo heavy !!

This is da picture during in da monorel.. entering da Sentosa Island. At last... we arrived!!
It's cost me $3 per person. Two ways or one way, just da same price.

This is on a shuttle, inside a Sentosa Island.

See that. No dog, no food during in this shuttle!!

This is at da Animal and Bird Park. There's a show by orang utan. Quiet exiting.

Look at these guys.
So happy looking da bird inside there.

This is while waiting for shuttle.

Lovely scene here. A bit windy and it's great!
So much fun.

Thirstly lol.
Poor Aakif.

Woww.. very big origami.

Another posing.

This is very exiting and so.. so.. so.. much fun.
It's 4d ride.

There's a picture they snap us when we want entering. But im not paying that. It's much expensive. So that, i snap our own pic. Hahah..
Aakif sleeping during da photo was snap.

Everyone is tired and very hungry. So, we oll decide to going back at hotel. But lastly, we take a cable car during our way back from Sentosa Island.

It's day two. Which mean da last day we'r touring at Singapore.
So, just decide to have a look around and buy some survenir.

Owwhh.. im so sweet. Look at that!!

This is our way to da Merlion. Thinking of taking picture together with that mermaid + lion.

That building which look like a ship is a casino.. my hubby said!!

At last.. our pose at Merlion.
Hmm.. actually we can make a booking in this room. It's a hotel actually. It's open to all who want to stay here. Im sure da price is very.. very expensive.

Red building behind Aqiela and Aakif is da scene outside da Merlion Hotel. Which is one room only inside that..

Our way to Bugis Street.

Shopping survenir time!! There's a lot of cheap survenir shirt here. Must buy!!!

After that we back to hotel.
Inviting my VIP guest to Chinatown.

This is my great husband, with da Cafe World trofi.

Auuwww.. look at that.
Im soo sweet, right.

Lastly we oll arrived safely at Chinatown.

Aqiela eating waffle ice cream.

I really love this photo.
There's so much love between me and my hubby.
Muahhh.. muah..
Love you darling..

Actually at Chinatown, da fridge magnet is sooo cheap. You can get 7 for $10. While at Bugis Street you only got 4 for $10.

But if you want to buy a shirt, please.. Bugis Street is much more cheaper. Da different about $3 - $4 per shirt.

Everybody's tired and hungry because a long day today. Im sure my sleep going to be great tonight.

Before went back to hotel, we stop by at Far East Shopping Mall which only opposite Royal Plaza hotel.
Get some energy, get some food.

The next day, after breakfast at hotel.. we'r check out and come back to Kuala Lumpur. My darling got some meeting to attend.

Good bye Singapore. It's really a short trip going there.
Insyallah, i might be come back..
Well.. Universal Studio calling for me.. huh.

Tq & see you next time!!

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