Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day without you

This is my second day, without my dearest husband. Leaving me because of work. Hhhuhu it's so sad when da love one is not around.
But life must goes.

I know that he love me much. If he not, why he bought me a brand new iPad before he have to leave that night, during our last day before he fly. Ouuhh .. Im really hope that he would be honest with me here. No other agenda beside work. Hehe.

This morning I make a breakfast for my lovely children. I make them a fried rice with hot tea.
A bit sleepy when wake up early in da morning at 5.30 am. Very challenging for me because usually I wake up at 6.15 am.

Ouhhh.. I really miss my husband.
Please come back ..
Get ur work done!

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