Monday, May 2, 2011

I remember you dear.. the first time I saw you

30 April 2011 - Saturday

This is my own plan for a school holiday during a Labor Day for my kids. This time, Labor Day's on Sunday. So that, school also got one more extra day off. No school on Monday!!
Most of my friends balik kampung, beside going for a vacation. While me.. still got no ideas. But lastly i'v come with Gold Coast Morib Resort ideas.

After got some research, I proposed my plan to my loving and loving husband.. and he's agreed! Huh.. lucky me. I'm very exited and very happy to hear about it. But it's only me and my darling know about this. I'm not mention yet to my kids about da place we go. They only know about da mystery vacation.

From our home to Morib, just take about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Because I didn't know about this place, either my hubby.. so, I just followed my hp GPS directly.
Alhamdulillah all going's great! We arrived safely at Gold Coast Morib Resort at 1.45 pm.

Im supposed to check in in 3 pm but their friendly staff kindly allowed me to check in early. Great!
My first impression, a bit shock when I saw da place because it's look still in progress. But I'm glad, my room (studio suite-king bed) and kids room (studio suite-twin bed), have reach my target.
I'm very exited we'v got a jacuzzi in each of bathroom. Haha..

Studio suite - twin for kids.

Facing the water theme park.

Beautiful and huge bathroom.

Very comfortable room.

Studio suite - king for me, Aqiela and Aakif.

That window can see through the bathroom. I can watching tv while in da jacuzzi.

Huge king bed.

Actually the bathroom is just the same. The different is only the bed.

Some nice view at the resort.

Main enterence to the beach.

The private beach of Gold Coast Morib Resort is so nice and clean. Everyone can get inside the water. But for now, there's no beach guard to monitor.
Im a bit worried about the safety, so that im not allowed my kids to get inside the water.
Enough with the water theme park!!

Do you know what they all doing??
They all playing with mr tiny crab!!

That evening I bring da kids to Morib Beach, Kelalang Beach.. and have a look around Morib. That night, we all going for dinner at Nelayan Restaurant. We got our ikan bakar Jenahak, ikan Medan stim, sotong celup tepung, udang masak pedas, ulam timun and we eat with rice and carrot juice, teh ice, and sirup.. beside ABC.
That night cost me RM122.90

Aakif soo cute, looking at da ikan bakar!! Da tasted so yam yam..

Stim fish for us!!

Main door to the lobby Gold Coast Morib Resort. Very huge door.

At the lobby.

Along the corridor to our room.
While Aakif and Aqiela busy doing their stuff, playing..

I'm happily playing with the bubble inside the jacuzzi. Alhamdulillah.. so peaceful. I wish to have it one in my bathroom.. hhaha..

1 May 2011 - Sunday

Happy Labor Day to all!!
This morning, I'm exited to get my breakfast. Yam.. Yam..

We all went to get our breakfast at 7.30 am. There a basic breakfast here. They got a nasi lemak, chicken curry, fried bihun, prata bread, bubur nasi, egg, croissant, danish bread, and banana. For drink they only got coffee and tea.
Juice? You have to pay if u request one.

This croissant so so so yummy!! I ate so many of them.
I think almost 10+. Haha.

Water park time !!

They all so exited playing and swimming. As a motherI'm so happy when they all smile cheerfully.

Around 11.45 pm, we all get prepared for a check out. Surprise me, when two room only cost me RM232. Well, da price is including breakfast for two!

And I'm think, I want to extend my vacation one more day here. After I call and asked my love, my suggestion being approve one more time by my love because of da price. RM116 including breakfast for two, beside a very comfortable bed and a huge bathroom with jacuzzi.

Well, we check in again one more time!

Firstly I'm going to a Ten Ten Shop, find some sarung lengan. Forgot to bring it together with me. Surprise me when I found a Baju Melayu only for RM10. Huhu.. I'm just take it for Aakif for Hari Raya Aidilfitri which coming at the end of August. For Aqiela, I bought a Baju Kurung Moden cost RM20 also for a Hari Raya coming soon.

Then withdraw money at Petronas Station RM200. Beside I fill up petrol for a car, get some bread and sotong kering.. Yam yam!!

This time, we take rest while watching tv.. and 2.30 pm we all going out for a lunch.
I'm eat fried rice with egg, Nabila and Hafiz got fried rice with chicken, while Ana and Amir got fried kuetiaw. Drink teh ice: 3, tea'o: 3 and ABC: 2. All cost me RM40.50.
Beside that I'm also ordered chicken satay with nasi himpit cost me RM12.50
I'm also ordered a sirloin steak cost me RM10.

This are some pic while we at Morib Beach.

We all eat until full. Soo hungry!!

After that, I found that Aakif make a cookies for us.
Meaning we have to go back to hotel. On da way to da car, I bought Aqiela and Aakif a bubble maker. Cost me RM15.
I'm also bought pau cost RM7 for eat at our room this night. Then I'm don't need to go out anymore to get dinner.

Then it was a durian time. We all eat durian at our way back to hotel. D24: RM12 per kg. We eat 3 kg. Cost me RM36.

Then we back at hotel. Get shower, get jacuzzi.

That night we all going out at 9 pm, going to the beach. We just eat pau that I'v bought at Morib Beach. After pose for a while, we back to da room. I'm very sleepy and tired.

2 May 2011 - Monday

This is our last day here.
As usual I'm so exited to have a breakfast. Well, you know me!!

Anna laugh so much..

We all going back to da lobby to have a few pose at da resort.

This side of water theme park is not yet done.

This side we oll can play.

This is some part of lobby hotel.

Then bubbayyy.. Gold Coast Morib Resort. Next time I'm sure that I'll be coming here again. It's so enjoyable staying here.

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