Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy birthday Nadja!

Today is my special day because today is my birthday!

Believe it or not, I'm getting older now.. Huhu it's really scary!!
Really scary..

For the treat for my birthday.. I make some plan just for myself. I want to make this day special for me. Thank God, everything going just fine. Alhamdulilah, syukur!

This morning, after sending da kids to school.. I go to see Hafiz at UIA, PJ. Sending the pillow which he forgot to bring. Huhu.. Why must he forgot.. Hmmmm.. Same as my Nabila. Also forgot to bring da wallet to KUIS, Bangi.
Meaning, I've to send it back before Im going back for a school holiday at Terengganu.

Well, continue story!

After that, I'm drive straight to Midvalley Megamall. Arrived at 9.30 am, with a great parking. Very strategic one. So, I don't have to walk too far from da mall enterence. Beside, it's really easy to find parking when it's early.

Then I'm going to da Maybank, settle da credit card problem. After that,... Hehe I'm looking for a movie ticket at GSC. This time I want to watch PIrot of the Carabean.
This movie quiet interesting. Much action, less funny.
Watching movie with Aakif so much fun. He just sleeping in my arm, when the movie in the middle till end of da movie. I can't insist that this cute little boy.. a bit heavy. Huhu.

End of da movie.

Im going to da Jusco, try to find anything yellow or gold can suit me for da wedding occasion. But sadly, there's nothing yellow or gold. Huhu.. Poor me.
But I've got some nice blue and gray ... for me. Hah still lucky me.

Beside I'm also bought some pants for Aqiela and also a pair of shirt with skirt for Yana and a pair of shirt with short for Dudd'den.
Hmm.. Just ordinary gift from Kuala Lumpur for them.

Lastly, I'm enjoyed myself at KFC.. With sundae ice cream cup. Yammy and tasty.
After that, pick up da kids at school and back home.
Huh tired me!

p/s: last night ive got a very wonderful dream. I've dream that..
Sharp at 12 o'clock, all da kids knocking my door. During that time I was sleep already. Then they make me some surprise with birthday cake, agar-agar (which they make it themselves), rice and all da great chicken masak pedas, etc.. very lot's of food.
They all celebrate me much and the most memorable one is.. They all love and appreciated me!!
Well, that's fine. Even just in da dream.
I noe who I am. Just a stranger who appear suddenly in their live.
.. Hmm that's okay. Because I'm really loved them as my own kids. Even our blood is different but there's nothing for me...

Uppss.. Sentimental? Arrghh.. Not like laaa..

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