Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Celebrate Hari Raya during last weekend

Last weekend we all ( except Hafiz ) going for hari raya celebration at darling's sister, Sumiey Jelly at Gombak.
And this is my new hanbeg which my darling bought from Parhgissss. Huhu. I put beside my newborn.. for pose !! Heheh..
Okayy, continue story.

My chubby baby sleep during we all just arrived here. So, we land him here while we all try to fill all da food inside our stomach.

Anna pose with da baby in da house. Son of Sumiey and her husband Fhirdaus.

Owh.. that cute dress with red baju kurung is me!! Aakif just wake up during this time. Nabila and Aathif with her cousin.

This pink lady is Sumiey Jelly.
And her husband is that thin guy, two from left.
That man is da father of da thin guy just now. Also known as a tuan rumah.

My husband talking2 with da tuan rumah and friends.
Amir and Nabila + Aathif..
Posing with their uncle, Pok Teh Ain.

Aathif posing time.
Also posing from Aakif and lovely Aqiela and her lesung pipit.

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