Friday, September 30, 2011

Elantra / Avante in accident mode

Today my lovely husband suppose to go for a seminar at Putrajaya. Meaning he doesn't work today. Oyeh.. oyeh..

Then i wonder if i can get for a breakfast this morning with him. Mantic.. mantic..
After sending da kids to school, my hubby plan to drop a cheque at Taman Danau Kota. So, we go through MRR and we stop waiting for a Q traffic light. Aakif sit at da back while baby with me, sitting beside my darrlingg, driver for da day.

Suddenly, i heard some break 'eeeeeiiiiiittttttt.... ' then 'gebangggggg' hit my back!! We all shock and im still confuse, what is that. Is it my car's been hit?? Huhh..

My darrling quickly have a look outside and im.. follow~~
It's true.
Our car's been hit by Honda Civic. Ohhh nnoooooo.. i hate this.

Alhamdulillah Aakif and our cute baby is safe and no body was hurt. Except my bonet and bumper!!! Really hate this guy. This Chinese guy whose just got a licence and on da way to da collage.

Argghhh.. why you drive so fast?? Why you didn't break?? Don't you see our car stop and Q here for traffic light?? Why.. why.. why..
Just tell me why.. oh dear!!

So, meaning it's a new story for me in da blog. And it's also da time for me to pose-pose and snap a pic for a blog.
'Abang don't worry.. just send your car to my workshop and all will be settle. Ok??'
Our car.. huhu.
Poor that guy..
That red Chinese is da mother of the guy. Poor that guy been marah-marah by her mom.So, of couse laa ..
Must send to da workshop. Before da mechanic took our car, must pose laaa first!!!

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